Thursday, July 30, 2009

Censor Board trips Kaminey

Mumbai Mirror reports
Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminey has run into trouble with the censors and even after the revising committee saw the film, they refused to give it the U/A certificate that he was hoping for. The options available to Vishal are that he can to go to the tribunal or seek legal help for his film. Apparently, the film has been given an A certificate due to its heavy dose of violence.
Hmmm, doesn't bode well for the box office colections of the film, if Vishal accepts the censor board decision. Not sure what Vishal will do - in the world where Bollywood megastars are ready to make concessions and apologize at the drop of a tantrum in order to avoid suffering the slightest pecuniary repercussions, it's become much more acceptable to make compromises with your craft.

The question is - How far back (or forward) can you bend?

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sanjay sharma said...

Well Censor board don't have senses, they don't understand it doesn't make any difference about U/a or A Certificates those who have to watch will watch, they cant stop us we are big kaminey than them we will watch it