Monday, August 3, 2009

Blow by blow account

What can one say apart from "Publicity stunt"?
The release is imminent, so I wont be surprised if some phantom punches get exchanged.


celeste said...

Anurag Kashyap on Vishal Bhardwaj:

The soundtrack of “No Smoking” is definitely one of the very best the audience has heard in recent times. Tell us a bit about the experience of working with composer Vishal Bhardwaj. Did the fact that he is also a film director facilitate your collaboration?
A.K. - Vishal was not just the composer of the film, he was also one of the producers. He made the film possible. Vishal was also the composer of “Satya” and my first film as the director, “Paanch”. My relationship with him has always been that of a master and the irritant disciple. Me being the latter. I try to push him and he pretends being irritated but loves being pushed. He has shown more faith in me than most. It is always very satisfying to work with him because he always brings out a new sound to his music for my films.

Anonymous said...

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