Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The story behind Dhan Te Nan

Dhan Te Nan (roughly translated in Marathi as Wealth is Flatbread) is definitely the best track for me in the album. Have heard all other tracks just once and none of them have really hit home (Marathi - मनात घर करणे).
Vishal provides insight about how the track came to being

Dhan te nan was not especially designed for Kaminey. I had first used the catch phrase and tune in a telefilm also titled Dhan te nan in 1998. It is a phrase that belongs to our film and music culture. For us Indians, cinema is the biggest cultural entity. We often borrow illustrations and speech patterns from our films. Dhan te nan is used during bedtime stories for dramatic effect. Whenever I used to tell my son, Aasman, stories, I’d go ‘Dhan te nan’ to create drama. The phrase remained with me.”

For a listen, the track is here. (see JR's post for full track listings). ऐका


Ramanand said...

(LOL on the maraaThii translation)

The phrase is lost in transliteration, for shouldn't it be "Dhan te Dan"? Anyway, I think the idea is very clever.

The album isn't of previous Vishal-class, but the songs are growing on me. I was impressed by the images in the trailers of "Pehli baar", and think perhaps the song picturisation will make up for the relative lack of depth of the tracks.

Abhi said...

Thats what I think. have just been hooked onto the the orchestration of Pehli Baar.

I don't know why they needed two tracks based on a really cheesy phrase - Pehli Baar Muhabbat, Aakhri Baar Muhabaat. And also, Gilahari ke Jhute Matar.

I mean, did I hear it right?

George said...

abhi: yes you did; squirrel rejects as a romantic motif. we need a prize just for this ;)