Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Julia" on hold?

News is that "Julia", Vishal Bhardwaj's next planned venture, is in some trouble. The news report could not pinpoint what the problem is, which is variousy attributed to problems with UTV or with dates of some of the leads. The film, rumoured to be based on yesteryear star "Fearless" Nadia was also to star Franka Potente.

"Julia" would have been a change for Vishal, whose 4 directorial features have been children's films or Shakespearean adaptations. We'll watch this item in the coming days.

Previously on "Julia": George's post on the announcements.

Update - 3 Jan 08
Sudarshan points to this Rediff page which suggests that the film's production may be stretched, but there's no mention of shelving the film, which is good news.

Update - 8 Jan 08
Put the shelf back up again. This article says Julia is not happening, talks (rather scarily of an Omkara prequel), and says Vishal is in Pune to write. (I could go find out if someone knows where he is.)