Friday, December 18, 2009

Ishqiya - Ibn Batuta

Intrepid, unceasing traveller. Travel writer. Scholar. And now finally, Ibn Batuta is referenced in a Hindi film song, thanks to the Gul-czar.

The Abhishek Chaubey directed Ishqiya is likely to release in Jan, which could mean a music release this month. A look at the first song to make it out on the airwaves (like Dhan Te Nan, more onomatopoeia & Sukhwinder - couldn't figure out the other voice)

Found via the 'Fight Club' blog

And even the trailer seems to have hit censorship roadblocks for Arshad Warsi's killer (and rather tragic) line.

Is the movie's title to be pronounced as "ishqaa.n" (the way it is said in the trailer)

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George said...

He travelled to Timbuktu, didn't he? (or is that a little too much of a reading?)