Thursday, December 24, 2009

"dil sa koi kamiinaa nahii"

"dil to bachcha hai jii" is the next song from Ishqiya to be seen and heard, from this "Making of..." video on YouTube:

Once again, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan seems to be used wonderfully and the lines & threadlets are quite Gulzar-esque.

(Via Ajay on the Gulzar fans group)


Kuldip said...

Amazing stuff man!!! Whoever you are. You don't know the favour you have done to us by creating this blog and sharing the stuff.

Would love to know more about you though :)

Ramanand said...

Kuldip: thanks. we're just a bunch of Vishal fans and felt the need to share VB-related info in one place.

To know more about the people writing on this blog, please see the Contributors section on the right hand side bar below.

Abhi said...

Kuldip seems besotted by JR. Hahaha!!