Monday, March 28, 2011

Ishqiya sequel and Sabrina Dhawan on Two States

Some news:

* Looks like there may be a sequel to Ishqiya. See this.

* Vishal's next, an adaptation of the novel "Two States", sees a new co-writer in Sabrina Dhawan. She is better known as a close collaborator of Mira Nair on films such as "Monsoon Wedding". This is better news than having Chetan Bhagat on board.


Kuldip said...

She was there in Kaminey too :)

Ramanand said...

Oh ok. Didn't know/remember that - thanks for pointing it out. I do know the whole Mira Nair workshop -> Cajetan Boy business, so no surprises if SD was involved.

Anonymous said...

I hope this venture with Bhagat turns out to be better than his recent endeavor with Bond -- the last thing I would expect from VB is a movie like 3 Idiots (i.e. an utter lack of subtlety and preachy-ness with spelled-out, underlined messages delivered by a cast filled with caricatures - not characters).

Good to see a promising name joining the writing department - especially because I thought 7 Khoon Maaf could have used some help in converting Bond's short story into a full length feature film. Here's an interesting post by Jai Arjun Singh on 7 Husbands: