Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Vishal's World" - an article in Mint Lounge

"When 19-year-old Vishal Bhardwaj returned from cricket practice that morning, his home had been emptied out on the street. Chairs, tables, utensils, clothes, photo frames—everything lay strewn on the road outside his home in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. In the midst of it, right there on the street, his poet father—for long his best friend—lay sprawled. And lifeless."

Mint Lounge has an insightful interview with Vishal about life, cricket, his family, and music. It's small, but tells us a something about the self-learning streak, the influences, and the journey so far.

(The board behind him in the photo is pretty interesting - among other things, I picked out references to names such as Wadia and Nadia - remember that Vishal was once planning to make "Julia" a film on 'Fearless' Nadia, and in talks with Franka Potente then.)

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Abhi said...

Yes, a really great interview, especially liked the part around Vishal's father death.

The picture of Vishal is fantastic. Very keen of you to try to make sense of the stuff on the board.