Saturday, December 25, 2010

Vishal, Shah Rukh Khan, Chetan Bhagat (OMG!)

I guess it's time to come out of denial and actually report this as befits this blog. Apparently, Vishal will be adapting Chetan Bhagat's "Two States" with Shah Rukh Khan, thus resulting in a combination that one would not have guessed days ago. Just how this will turn out, we'll wait and see, but a certain sense of disbelief at Vishal using CB material is a little disconcerting. Such sentiment earlier has been restricted to his choice of actors (and must confess, these have been unfounded), so time will tell.

The guys at 'Fight Club' are also none too impressed with this development (2nd half of the post).


Vivek said...

Let's call it "ek khoon maaf" to VB for this diversion.

Ramanand said...

Ha ha - yes, it's a Shishupala-like countdown.