Saturday, October 9, 2010


A report in Glamsham says that SRK's signed up Vishal for his next home production, supposedly set in a small town.

Right now, I'm curious to see whether Vishal can stop SRK from doing that arms-spread-out-three-quarters-view-with-cheeky-grin pose of his.


Abhi said...

what timing. was just about to write it up..

I like the way the report suggests that "its official" news early on

"now it’s official and SRK and Vishal have zeroed down on a film. SRK has been impressed by the work that Vishal has been doing in recent times."

And then ends with a quote from Vishal spokeperson (who gives tweetesque update about Vishal's whatabouts),

..."I can’t confirm anything right now.”

So much for official news!

Abhi said...

I was referring to the news in Mumbai Mirror btw