Thursday, April 15, 2010

Usha Uthup replaces Mohanlal

Sorry, made that one up!

But jokes aside, seems like the original pop ki raani, Usha Uthup, is part of Saath Khoon Maaf.

Usha who has already shot with the director for three days says, "I had stopped acting in films as I didn't get a role which was good enough".
Everyone was only asking me to play myself. I almost jumped out of my skin when Vishal sir offered me such an exciting role in his film. It's got layers to it and is very challenging. It's a dark comedy"

Will be interesting to see how Double U is used/ approaches the role - hope we don't have her making kathakali faces just to pump up the scare factor.


Kuldip said...

Awesome choice if you ask me.

Ramanand said...

Ha ha - that did grab my attention!

It's an interesting choice, and from what I know, she is good at histrionics - should be worth a watch! Casting-decision-wise, she's the equivalent of Amole Gupte in terms of surprise.