Monday, November 16, 2009

now it's 7: husband one locked in

If the buzz is to be given credence, Vishal's next will be called Seven (or 7) and not 7 Husbands. Given the insurmountable strength of David Fincher's moody piece on the Internet, one can see problems when using Google to find out more. The buzz also tells us that Vishal has, after much persistence, signed up the first of the seven: Mohanlal. Given Vishal's track record, this might undo the damage done by RGV's fiery in-sippy-d flick and bolster the ouevre established with Company. Now muster your best Malayali impression and repeat after me लोहा गरम है


Vishal said...

Thank you guys for creating this "VB portal". Being an ardent VB fan, I surely appreciate it.

Ramanand said...

Vishal: thanks for dropping by :-) we're pleased to have a namesake come by :P. Please let us know if you come across Vishal related news or want to contribute posts yourself.

Vishal said...

I will surely let you know if I come across anything relevant.

[If I ever write a movie/music review for one of Vishal's movies, I will pass it along and you can cross-post it here if you find it appropriate for this portal. Thanks!]