Thursday, December 13, 2007

Watching Vishal

Vishal Bhardwaj is one of the leading young filmmakers of India, but unlike others in the industry, he doesn't quite have a website or blog tracking his every move, which is probably a good thing. However, sometimes, this lack of media spotlight can make it difficult to follow his works even for the most ardent of fans, which is why this blog aims to collect news and views about this immensely talented man, and perhaps even shed some light on some of his past achievements.

To explain the url of this blog: apart from the Shakespeare connection, Vishal can be called a bit of a bard himself, what with his wonderful music compositions and his writing talents!


Anonymous said...

Nice play of words on the URL.

Ramanand said...

Thanks Madhav. Do visit the blog for updates.

Anonymous said...

I second Madhav :)

btw, what do u do? are you in films?